Spring Cashback for shopping in Equishop

Spring Cashback

Spring Cashback


Buy some products between 26th and 31st of March, 2019 at the Equishop at www.equishop.com, and we will refund you 15% of the value of your purchases in the form of an e-voucher for subsequent purchases.

The offer rules are simple and transparent:

  1. Shop on the days of the promotion.
  2. Please subscribe to our Equishop newsletter (unless you have already agreed to it). You can subscribe here: https://www.equishop.com/en/newsletter
  3. Within 7 business days of the end of the promotion, you will receive a discount code on your e-mail (only if you agreed to receive newsletter from Equishop) for subsequent purchases in Equishop, which is 15% of the value of your previous purchases.


  1. Products with prices drop (limited offers and sales) are excluded from this offer.
  2. Prestige Italia and Renaissance saddles are exluded from this offer.

Additional information:

  1. If you purchase products at a regular and reduced price during one purchase, you will receive a voucher for 15% of the value of goods purchased at a regular price.
  2. The received code can be passed to any person for use. However, discount codes will not combine and accumulate.
  3. E-vouchers will be valid until 31.12.2019. After this date they will expire irrevocably.
  4. The received e-voucher can be used to purchase any goods from the Equishop offer, provided that the total value of purchases for which the code from the e-voucher will be used exceeds the discount value. (So ​​if the voucher is worth PLN 150, then the value of shopping will have to be greater than or equal to PLN 150.01).
  5. The e-voucher does not affect the delivery amount.

($ | £ | €) 15 CASHBACK for every ($ | £ | €) 100 spent!

Up to 15% CASHBACK for every 100 spent.

Up to 15% CASHBACK for every 100 spent.

CASHBACK ($ | £ | €) 15 FOR EACH ($ | £ | €) 100 YOU SPEND

For all purchases made at our online shop www.equishop.com from May 18th to May 27th you can gain up to ($ | £ | €) 15 CASHBACK for each ($ | £ | €) 100 (depends on which currency you use) you spend. We’d love to invite you to get aquatinted with terms and conditions presented below.
1. The organizer of the special is Equirria Sp. z o.o. that owns the Internet store www.equishop.com
2. CASHBACK will be given in the form of a discount code of a value dependant on the whole value of your order. NOTE! The special does not include and Renaissance saddles. Each full ($ | £ | €) 100 you spend increases the value of CASHBACK. For example:
– order value ($ | £ | €) 100 = ($ | £ | €) 15 CASHBACK
– order value ($ | £ | €) 268 = ($ | £ | €) 30 CASHBACK
– order value ($ | £ | €) 301 = ($ | £ | €) 45 CASHBACK
– order value ($ | £ | €) 95 = NO CASHBACK!
3. The only requirement you have to meet to get CASHBACK is that you have to agree to receive our newsletter. How can you do it? Please check the instructions below terms and conditions. When you agree to receive our newsletter, at the same time you agree to forward your e-mail address (optionally with your first and last name) to Freshmail Sp. z o.o., Al. 29 Listopada 155 c, 31-406 Kraków, Poland. Freshmail company is the newsletter service provider. Your consent to receive Equishop’s newsletter may be withdrawn at any moment by clicking the resignation link, which we always include in our newsletters or by sending an e-mail address withdrawal from the base to db@equishop.com. Please remember thay the e-mail address for the newsletter must match the e-mail address used while placing an order at www.equishop.com.
4. CASHBACK will be sent to your e-mail address to May 30th 2018.
5. The CASHBACK discount voucher will be valid until August 31st 2018. After this date it will become void. CASHBACK will give you discount on the whole product offer at www.equishop.com, but it won’t combine with other discount vouchers. The discount will be valid only for the e-mail address it was sent to.
6. In the case where the above-mentioned conditions were met and you didn’t receive the discount, please inform us at db@equishop.com and we will try to solve this issue.


The easiest way would be to use the special form in our footer
How to subscribe to Equishop's newsletter in the footer section?
Sign up for the newsletter in the footer or go to the following page https://www.equishop.com/en/newsletter and enter your e-mail address in the field highlighted below.

Black Friday in Equishop

Black Friday in Equishop

Black Friday in Equishop

Black Friday in Equishop

23/11/2018 is awaited by all shopaholics Black Friday! Stores around the world are organizing a unique sales that day. Black Friday means great bargains also in Equishop! During Black Friday all products available on our stock with the exception of Prestige Italia saddles will be discounted. 23rd day of November will therefore be an excellent opportunity for stocking up on Christmas gifts for your loved ones, and in addition you will gain the ability to exchange or return of purchased goods until 31 January 2019r. as part of the NO MORE UNWELCOMED GIFTS!>




Terms and conditions of Black Firday in Equishop

We would like to inform you that Black Friday is a subject to the terms and conditions of the promotional sale at Equishop (as it is defined in Section 8 of the online store terms and conditions at www.equishop.com), so the number of products covered by the promotion is limited.

The order of execution is determined by:
– time of placing an order,
– payment method (in order: 1. fast on-line payments (Przelewy24, PayPal), 2. payment by card, 3. traditional bank transfer)
– availability of goods at the main warehouse (if the item is available in other warehouses the time of processing an order can be extended).

Availability of the goods will be confirmed in a separate mail, after placing an order and physical inventory verification by an employee of Equishop. In the case of lack of availability of the ordered goods, the customer will be informed about this and will be able to fulfill his order partially (without non-available products) or cancel the order. In both cases the difference or refund will be made immediately in the same way that the order was paid.

!WARNING! If you choose a traditional bank transfer as a form of payment for your order, the waiting time for payment is 7 business days from 23/11/2018. After that, unpaid orders will be canceled.

We would like to inform you that due to the high interest of our promotional campaign, the execution time of orders may be longer than standard. We trust that each of our Clients will be satisfied, and at the same time we thank you for your understanding and patience.

Cavaliada Warsaw with Equishop

How to find Equishop stall at CAVALIADA Warsaw 2016?

CAVALIADA Warsaw 2016 will start on February 25th. It is the biggest equestrian event in Poland. It combines horse equipment and horse rider gear fair and horse riding tournament. We invite to you to visist our Equishop stall, which will be placed on the first floor, near the left entrance to the stands. We will present you the new Kingsland collections, Prestige saddles, Samshield helmets and Veredus horse gear and accessories. Play the short clip below this text to see how you can find us at Cavaliada.

Open hours

25.02.2016 (thu): 8.00 – 22.00

26.02.2016 (fri): 8.00 – 22.00

27.02.2016 (sat): 8.00 – 22.00

28.02.2016 (sun): 8.00 – 18.00

First floor map

1st floor map at Cavaliada Warsaw 2016

CAVALIADA (Torwar hall) map

CAVALIADA Warsaw 2016 map

The functioning of the store during Christmas and New Year

The functioning of the store during Christmas and New Year

Dear Customers,
Please be advised that our stores will be closed on Christmas Eve, 24/12/2016 and in the period 28 30/12/2016 due to stocktaking. At that time there can be also several days of delays for orders placed in our online store.

Stores also will be closed during Christmas (25 – 26/12/2016) and New Year (01/01/2017).

Our stores will instead open from 11:00 – 18:00 on Tuesday, 28/12/2016r.