Christmas charity event in Equishop

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Christmas charity event in Equishop

Christmas is a very specialtime, when we put all the quarrels aside, we manage to find some time for theclosest ones, we sit by the Christmas table and make presents for one another. It’salso a time when we want to share our joy with others, especially those, whoreally need our help. And that is why we, as Equishop, decided to support the FundacjęHipoterapia na Rzecz Rehabilitacji Dzieci Niepełnosprawnych (Hippotherapy Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Children) this year.

How shall we help?

As a company, we commit to give 5% of each transaction made in theon-line shop and thestationary points of sales in Katowice and Pruszków in days from 1.12.2015 – 23.12.2015 for the purposes of Hippotherapy Foundation. The aid would partially be passed on in the form of equestrianequipment and other exploitation products for horses, and partially in the formof money. The remit would be documented by the transfer confirmation, which wewill publicize on our social platforms and on the shop’s Internet site.

About the foundation

Logo Fundacja Hipoterapia

The Hippotherapy Foundationfor the Rehabilitation of Disabled Children provides help for the youngest onessince 1989.

How? Through actions that are directly dedicated for children, and also by theactions supporting their families. We have an impact on our charges’development, we prepare them for their adult lives and we stimulate theenvironment to change its perception of the disabled people.

Whom does the HippotherapyFoundation help?

With their activity, theFoundation includes children and teenagers with:

  • an autism spectrum disorder,
  • multiple disabilities,
  • genetic syndromes,
  • diseases of the central nervous system,
  • delayed psychomotor development,
  • hyperactivity and emotional disorders,


Fundacja HipoterapiaFundacja Hipoterapia Fundacja HipoterapiaFundacja HipoterapiaFundacja HipoterapiaFundacja HipoterapiaFundacja HipoterapiaFundacja HipoterapiaFundacja HipoterapiaFundacja Hipoterapia


How does the Hippotherapy Foundation help thedisabled??

The foundation organizes congenerictherapeutic activities:

  • hippotherapy
  • psychotherapy
  • therapeutic acitivities with the use of new technologies
  • social training in pairs
  • physiotherapy


and projects which include disabled people inany kinds of activities:

  • Integration Theatre Group „Ponies”
  • – “Fashion Without Borders


Fashion Without Borders

It’s a long-lasting coaching program basing on fashion and image-creation. Itis directed towards people with disabilities, who thanks to the activitieslearn how to build a self-esteem and how to overcome the negative stereotypes.

Moda bez ograniczeń

Black Friday in Equishop





This Friday the whole world will go shopping. This is long-awaited Black Friday. To get the code for the exceptionally high discount – sign up for our newsletter. Only customers in our database will receive a secret code via e-mail along with its value.

To join the database of newsletter subscribers just fill the form at:

UPDATE 27.11.2015

Dear customers. Please be advised that Pikeur / Eskadron manufacturer decided on pricing of their products. Therefore, collections:
– Pikeur Classic,
– Pikeur Winter 2015/16.
– Eskadron Basic,
– Eskadron Classic Sports Winter 2015/16.
– Eskadron Next Generation Winter 2015/16,
– Eskadron Platinum Winter 2015/16,
– Eskadron Nici 2014/15

will not participate in today’s promotional campaign BLACK FRIDAY in our online store.. In addition, we remind you that also Prestige Italia saddles will not participate in today’s campaign.

Using the discount code will reduce the prices for all other collections, promo actions & clearance.

Opening hours in Equishop in the pre-Christmas period

Opening hours in Equishop in the pre-Christmas period

Opening hours in Equishop in the pre-Christmas period

Opening hours in Equishop in the pre-Christmas period

Many of us is forced to buy something “last minute” in the pre-Christmas commotion. Meeting our Customers’ needs, we decided to organize two events Christmas Saturday in Equishop and Friday Last Minute.

16.12.2018 – Pre-Christmas Saturday in Equishop

On Saturday, December 16th 2018 our stationary shop in Katowice will be opened from 10am to 2pm. Like every year during the Pre-Christmas Saturday in Equishop action, after making a purchase you will be able to collect your surprise-gift from under our Equishop Christmas tree!

22.12.2018 – Christmas Last Minute in Equishop

On Saturday, December 22nd, 2018 our Equishop Katowice store will be opened from 10am to 2pm. On this day we offer service of FREE gift-wrapping on request. It is a perfect chance to do your last Christmas shopping!

How to get to Equishop?


No more unwelcomed Christmas gifts

No more unwelcomed Christmas gifts


In Equishop we start an action called „NO MORE UNWELCOMED GIFTS!” Do you plan on buying equestrian equipment for somebody close to you this Christmas? At the same time you feel anxious? Maybe you are not an expert when it comes to equestrian equipment? Every year, an abundance of Christmas gifts land in the sphere of disappointment and never leave it. The giving one wasted money, the given one is disappointed with the gift.

In order to avoid Christmas letdown this year, buy a gift in Equishop. All purchased products from 13/11/2018 to 22/12/2018 are included in money-back or exchange guarantee until 31/01/2019! Return or exchange will not require any unnecessary formalities, on the same day on which we will receive the returning products. In case of on-line purchase you do not have to provide us with the receipt!

Both in case of return and case you will only have to pay for shipment.

The action applies to on-line shop and sales point in Katowice, Poland.

In case of returning products purchased in stationary shop it is necessary to show a proof of purchase, namely a receipt or bill.

Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping

Are you planning on surprising somebody? Order a delivery directly to the person you want to surprise (you can enter a different than yours delivery address) in a gift wrap. A gift box is delivered in an ordinary carton box in order to prevent it from damage and contamination.

The gift box has the following dimensions 34 x 30 x 12,5 cm. Most clothing items can fit into the box (with the exception of Samshield helmets!) and medium-sized equestrian accessories. Remember that if you order many products, we will be able to put only some of them in the gift box. If none of the ordered by you products would fit into the elegant gift box with Equishop’s logo – we will pack your order in a substitute elegant wrap.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our staff: Call us: +48 32 782 45 68 (press 7 when connected) or write us an e-mail:

We also reserve the right to pack high-volume products such as down rugs or saddle pads in our company Equishop bags and decorated with an elegant ribbon. Saddles are also packed in Prestige Italia’s brand cases.

 Price of gift wrapping service:


£6,43 / $8,35

How to add this service to your order?

Just click „add” button in the first step of your cart as it is showed below.

Gift wrapping option in the shopping cart

What it looks like?

Check our video with example below.

Buy a saddle – pick up the Kingsland Classic jacket

Buy a saddle and pick up a jacket Kingsland.

Buy a saddle and pick up a jacket Kingsland.

Buy a saddle pick up the Kingsland Classic jacket

On the occasion of 15 years of Prestige Italia existence on the market’s, we invite you to take advantage of a unique promotion. Buy any Prestige saddle from our offer on until 14.06.2015 and collect Kingsland Classic Bomber jacket (134,95 € ) with Equishop and Prestige Italia embroidery*.

* amount to pay for the saddle will be reduced by the value of the jacket, which will be included in the bill.

Click here to see all Prestige Italia saddles from our offer.

New Equishop in Pruszków (Near Warsaw)

On 3.01.2017r. Equishop Pruszkow selling point has been permanently closed.

Dear Customers,
Please be advised that due to the rapid growth of online sales, we decided to close the point of sale in Pruszkow from 3rd of January, 2017. The decision is dictated by the desire to maximize streamline logistics processes within the company goal to process all online orders as quickly as possible. All our customers are welcome to shop in our online store or headquarters located in Katowice at Korfantego Avenue 105.


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