Returns and exchanges

Returns and exchanges

In Equishop you have up to 30 days return policy (from the date of receipt).

All customers who want to exchange or return are requested to download, fill out the form below and attach it to the return shipment.

Your return or exchange request will be processed immadiately, after we get your return package.

In case of return, you will be refunded in the same way in which you paid unless you agree to a different way of refund. You will be refunded for product and shipping cost, but you have to cover the cost of return package. Please note, that we do not send a return slip and we do not cover the cost of return package! If you return only one product from many other, you will get only a refund for this product and difference between shipping cost of entire order and order without this product.

In case of exchange, we will reship the package with an exchanged product in the same or next working day, unless the merchandise that you ask will not be available in our warehouse. In this case we will contact you and let you know about the waiting time for product availability or propose refund. In this case we do not cover the costs of return shipping and you will be also surcharged for reshipping costs, unless an exchange is a result of our mistake (sending the goods that they not in your order).


All return shipments sent without prior contact with us will be ignored and will return to the customer! Before sending your return shipment from countries outside the European Union it is necessary to determine the details. The desire to return or exchange must be reported to the e-mail
All the goods should be returned to the following address:
Aleja Korfantego 105
40-161 Katowice

New Equishop in Pruszków (Near Warsaw)

On 3.01.2017r. Equishop Pruszkow selling point has been permanently closed.

Dear Customers,
Please be advised that due to the rapid growth of online sales, we decided to close the point of sale in Pruszkow from 3rd of January, 2017. The decision is dictated by the desire to maximize streamline logistics processes within the company goal to process all online orders as quickly as possible. All our customers are welcome to shop in our online store or headquarters located in Katowice at Korfantego Avenue 105.


Equirria Sp. z o.o. Board

($ | £ | €) 15 CASHBACK for every ($ | £ | €) 100 spent!

Up to 15% CASHBACK for every 100 spent.

Up to 15% CASHBACK for every 100 spent.

CASHBACK ($ | £ | €) 15 FOR EACH ($ | £ | €) 100 YOU SPEND

For all purchases made at our online shop from May 18th to May 27th you can gain up to ($ | £ | €) 15 CASHBACK for each ($ | £ | €) 100 (depends on which currency you use) you spend. We’d love to invite you to get aquatinted with terms and conditions presented below.
1. The organizer of the special is Equirria Sp. z o.o. that owns the Internet store
2. CASHBACK will be given in the form of a discount code of a value dependant on the whole value of your order. NOTE! The special does not include and Renaissance saddles. Each full ($ | £ | €) 100 you spend increases the value of CASHBACK. For example:
– order value ($ | £ | €) 100 = ($ | £ | €) 15 CASHBACK
– order value ($ | £ | €) 268 = ($ | £ | €) 30 CASHBACK
– order value ($ | £ | €) 301 = ($ | £ | €) 45 CASHBACK
– order value ($ | £ | €) 95 = NO CASHBACK!
3. The only requirement you have to meet to get CASHBACK is that you have to agree to receive our newsletter. How can you do it? Please check the instructions below terms and conditions. When you agree to receive our newsletter, at the same time you agree to forward your e-mail address (optionally with your first and last name) to Freshmail Sp. z o.o., Al. 29 Listopada 155 c, 31-406 Kraków, Poland. Freshmail company is the newsletter service provider. Your consent to receive Equishop’s newsletter may be withdrawn at any moment by clicking the resignation link, which we always include in our newsletters or by sending an e-mail address withdrawal from the base to Please remember thay the e-mail address for the newsletter must match the e-mail address used while placing an order at
4. CASHBACK will be sent to your e-mail address to May 30th 2018.
5. The CASHBACK discount voucher will be valid until August 31st 2018. After this date it will become void. CASHBACK will give you discount on the whole product offer at, but it won’t combine with other discount vouchers. The discount will be valid only for the e-mail address it was sent to.
6. In the case where the above-mentioned conditions were met and you didn’t receive the discount, please inform us at and we will try to solve this issue.


The easiest way would be to use the special form in our footer
How to subscribe to Equishop's newsletter in the footer section?
Sign up for the newsletter in the footer or go to the following page and enter your e-mail address in the field highlighted below.

Buy a saddle – pick up the Kingsland Classic jacket

Buy a saddle and pick up a jacket Kingsland.

Buy a saddle and pick up a jacket Kingsland.

Buy a saddle pick up the Kingsland Classic jacket

On the occasion of 15 years of Prestige Italia existence on the market’s, we invite you to take advantage of a unique promotion. Buy any Prestige saddle from our offer on until 14.06.2015 and collect Kingsland Classic Bomber jacket (134,95 € ) with Equishop and Prestige Italia embroidery*.

* amount to pay for the saddle will be reduced by the value of the jacket, which will be included in the bill.

Click here to see all Prestige Italia saddles from our offer.

Shopping without VAT

Shopping without VAT

Are you outside the European Union or do you have a company in EU? You can order at without VAT.

VAT rate in Poland is 23%.

If you are outside the European Union.

Please be advised that if you will enter fictitious data, it will be verified and we will not be able to process your order without surcharge of VAT.

Please register your account or log in if you have one. Then add your first address. After entering the correct data, you will see all prices in our e-shop without VAT. Please note, that if you order without VAT, you have to pay taxes in your country! Watch the video below with instructions.

If you want to order for your company (in European Union)

You should register a new account or log in if you have one. Then just go to your profile page and add your first address. It is important to fill the field with your company name. If you have already done that, you will see the additional field to enter your VAT EU number. If you filled both these fields, you will see all prices without VAT in our shop. Please note, that our sales deparment always check a validity of the number you provided. Watch the video below with instructions.